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July 24, 2024
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Last Updated: 07/24/2024
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By subscribing to EZ Data Groups online Pre-Foreclosure listings website, you will get up-to-the-minute information on mortgage Pre-Foreclosures notices in St. Louis City and County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, and Jackson County in Missouri. Our online service is continuously updated daily and premium members receive email alerts whenever new properties are entered. No more going to the courthouse researching information, no title requests necessary or waiting for faxes, just a click of a button and you will have instant access!


STANDARD - Our standard membership offers the occasional investor or the new investor the opportunity to get the same valuable information as the full time seasoned investor without hurting their budget.  Members will receive complete property details along with our automated Un-verified* mortgage and lien information on all properties in PRE-FORECLOSURE status the reports include property transaction details, sold comparable, and Google Maps and photos. 

1 County - $65
2 Counties - $115
3 Counties - $165
4 Counties - $215
5 Counties - $265

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PROFESSIONAL - The Professional membership is perfect for the full time and up-and-coming investor.  Members will have access to both the Verified** and Un-verified* data along with the added time and cost savings of the EXPORT FUNCTION.  Members can export the information needed to complete a mail merge for their marketing mail campaign ahead of the competition.  Printed property reports include property details, past property transaction history, comparable property reports and title work.

1 County - $125
2 Counties - $200
3 Counties - $250
4 Counties - $275
5 Counties - $300

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*UN-VERIFIED - Data pulled through various public sources via our automated system.  The property sale date, time, address and property details go through the same verification process as the verified data however none of the title work such as loan and lien information is available.

**VERIFIED - The confirmation and retrieval of the current owner title report which is posted for each property including all voluntary and involuntary liens

 ^ PRICES effective as of 2/15/2011

In need of custom research "We do the work for you" call for pricing (916) 741-3934.

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