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July 24, 2024
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Last Updated: 07/24/2024
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Editing Your Search Profile Settings


Your account is pre set to a generic default setting.  This setting does not allow the pop up window with the property detail report to stay open.  To accomplish this you will want to change these settings immediately upon setting up your account.



The first step is to click on Edit Search Profiles this will open up the create-edit profile screen.





Now CLick on Create New Profile.  You will then see the sreen below this is were you set up your prefrences and filters to make

your searches less time consuming and more managable.



First Give your Profile a Name.  Next you will want to decide if you want to use the rules section.  This will depend on what county you are searching in.

We DO NOT recommend using the rules for St Louis City or Jefferson county as the assessed or Appraised values are way off and you will not recieve an accurate search.  When using the rules the filter requires that only 1 rule needs to meet the criteria choosen in order to allow the property to come through.  as you can see there are some preset values above that you can choose to use or enter your own values.


The next line under the rules is the intruction that tells the system to keep your property details window open even after you move your cursor from the magnifine glass.  MAKE SURE THIS BOX IS CHECKED if you want to keep that window open so you can scroll down.


You can than choose the county or counties you want to see.  WE RECOMMEND SETTING UP DIFFERENT PROFILE SETTING FOR EACH

OF THE COUNTIES YOU WANT TO SEARCH.  You can create as many profile setting as you want.


The next step is to decide if you want to EXCLUDE any zip codes from your chosen county.  You simply add the zip codes in the box

1 at a time and hit add.  You can edit this list or any section of the profile at any time.


Now you can select the prelimanry information you would like to see displayed on you're screen once you click on VIEW NEW LISTINGS



The selected fields will be displayed in the order above.  This will not affect your report print out or exporting, all data will print and

export the selections made are for the purposes of viewing only.  Once finished click on CREATE PROFILE and you are done. You

should see a screen like the one blelow.

You can now set this or any one of your profiles as your default profile so that when you sign in this will be the profile used automatically.

You can navigate from profile to profile in your member area by clicking on the drop down arrow nex to the profile name in the

search profile area.


Now you're ready to quickly and easily navigate through the 2000+ properties add each month in

just minutes.  No need to choose a county just choose your profile and click on VIEW NEWEST LISTINGS print or export and your

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